-  applications for obtaining the “Construction and site development conditions”;

- applications for obtaining technical conditions for connection of mains (water-, gas-, power-,

sewerage-, etc. mains);

-  evaluation report of environmental investment impact;

- possible fire hazard analysis;

-  completion of Constructional Design and obtaining build permit on behalf of the Investor;

-  completion of process line designs, to the Investor’s guidelines;

-  completion of site development designs, including both underground and ground components;

-  completion of Executive Designs for all branches (architecture, construction, mechanical

systems, data communication systems, fire detection and safety systems, gas systems, heating, 

boiler rooms, roads and squares, etc.);

-  co-operation with the Investor when selecting the main contractor;

- authorship supervision and management;

-  supervising all branches on behalf of the Investors;

-  participation in acceptance committees, after completion of construction works; application for use permit.